Commercial and Industrial Construction Services

Your business is what most customers and clients see first, so you want to make sure it's constructed correctly so it's not only stable but attractive. O & R Buildings LLC has over 59 years of experience constructing commercial buildings for satisfied clients, so let us do the same for you.

Efficient Commercial Construction Service

Businesses often run on tight timelines, which can get frustrating when working with an unreliable contractor. With O & R Buildings LLC, you'll always have a clear line of communication, so you'll know exactly what's going on. We are always on time for jobs and work hard to meet your deadlines so everything can go according to plan. We know how important your time is, so we'll never waste it.

Compliant with Construction Codes

Failure to follow building codes can sometimes result in hefty fines and even closures. Not to mention that it's also very unsafe for those inside. O & R Buildings takes building codes very seriously and will always follow them strictly to provide a safe and secure commercial building. This ensures that your business will not run into any troubles in the future.

A Variety of Services

You may be starting and want a new building constructed for your business, or you may be a seasoned business owner who wants to expand your existing structure. Whatever it is, our construction company's professional crew has the experience, skills, and tools to handle your request.

Talk to us

We’re only a phone call away! Call 574-893-4690 and let us know how we can help.

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